KC HiLites – Gravity LED Pro6 Single LED Light

  • Patented Pro6 Infinity Ring™ System: Easily transform the Pro6 light bar between straight or curved light orientations
  • Every Pro6 is powered by KC patented Gravity® Reflective Diode(GRD) technology for unparalleled beam shape, light performance and clarity
  • Gravity® G6 LED reflector optics utilizing a combination of Driving and Wide-40 Beam pattern lights for optimal lighting balance and performance

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  • 23 year warranty
  • Free Return
  • Trusted for 50 years

The Gravity® LED Pro6 Single uses a durable UV treated composite housing design powered by patented 20W Gravity® LED G6 optical inserts available in Spot, SAE/ECE Driving and Wide-40 Beam patterns. Each Pro6 LED single light uses a unique ball mount system that offers easy installation and adjustable light aim to suit your exact lighting needs. Gravity LED Pro6 Singles are perfect for front bumpers, light bars and a-pillar applications. Every Gravity LED Pro6 single light includes a protective KC light cover.


  • Raw Lumens: 20″ = 6,900 lm, 26″ = 9,200 lm, 32″ = 11,500 lm, 39″ = 13,800 lm, 45″ = 16,100 lm, 50″ = 18,400 lm, 57″ = 23,009 lm,
  • Lux @ 10 Meters: 20″ = 2,794 lx, 26″ = 3,425 lx, 32″ = 4,200 lx, 39″ = 5,150 lx, 45″ = 6,100 lx, 50″ = 6,700 lx, 57″ = 7,500 lx
  • Candela: 20″ = 279,400 cd, 26″ = 342,500 cd, 32″ = 420,000 cd, 39″ = 515,000 cd, 49″ = 610,000 cd, 50″ = 670,000 cd, 57″ = 750,000 cd
  • Beam Distance (Meters): 20″ = 1,057m, 26″ = 1,170m, 32″ = 1,296m, 39″ = 1,435m, 45″ = 1,562m, 50” = 1,637m, 57” = 1,732m


  • Wattage: 20″ = 60W, 26″ = 80W, 32″ = 100W, 39″ = 120W, 45″ = 140W, 50″ =160W, 57″ = 180W
    Amp Draw: 5.0-14.67A
  • LED Source: Cree XPL HD LED
  • LED Color: 5000K
  • Voltage: 9-32V

Each Gravity® LED Pro6 light is powered by KC’s G6 LED optical insert, featuring patented Gravity® Reflective Diode (GRD) technology. This unique industry leading technology and reflector design assures that actual emitted light output from each LED is being maximized in creating powerful, usable light for everyday off road use. Unlike traditional forward facing reflector designs commonly found in LED lights today, KC GRD technology strategically positions LEDs inside the reflector so that the all light output is being carefully directed and aimed to deliver usable light. What you get is highly targeted light distribution, providing unparalleled clarity, performance and beam shape.


As an industry first, the Pro6 allows you to take full control of your specific lighting needs. Pro6 LED light bars feature a patented Infinity Ring™ system utilizing individual rings to securely link individual 6″ Pro6 LED lights together to form a rigid, powerful LED light light bar system. The unique hinge and bolt design in every ring allows for endless modularity, expandability and adjustability to suit your lighting needs. This means seamless transition between straight, radius or hybrid radius light bar orientations to angle lights exactly how you see fit.


Gravity LED Pro6 light bars are specifically configured using a combination of SAE/ECE Driving and Wide-40 G6 LED optical inserts. The combination of different reflector optics provides a broader range of visibility and homogenous light beam shape, for more usable lighting coverage. Driving Beam lights provide powerful forward distance and equal beam distribution width, while the Wide-40 beam offer a wider area of coverage, increasing side to side peripheral visibility. This not only results in incredible light output distance, but also evenly balanced light distribution and beam shape that translates to light output that you can actually use for all of your off road lighting adventures.


Inspired by endurance racing and tested by KC endurance racers worldwide, the Pro6 is set to break all performance barriers while providing the most durable, robust and scalable LED light bar design available today.


KC HiLites

Additional information

Beam Pattern (W):

Spot (20 Watts), Driving (20 Watts), Wide – 40 (20 Watts)


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