ARB – Air Locker Accessory Pack


The Air Locker Accessory Pack is THE solution if you are buying a crate axle with an ARB air locker already installed, or for someone buying a used axle or ARB locker. It includes everything you need to connect an ARB Air Locker, except the ARB Air Compressor, in one convenient package part number.



It includes the following:

  • 1x 170111 – Bulkhead Fitting Kit
  • 1x 170201SP – Push in fitting
  • 1x 170301SP – Blue air line (19′)
  • 1x 180103SP – Solenoid
  • 1x 180209S – Switch
  • 1x 180210SP – Switch Cover (Front)
  • 1x 180211SP – Switch Cover (Rear)
  • 1x 215552 – Air Locker deal
  • 1x 2102000 – Operating and Service Manual




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