Our Team

Our Team

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You simply won’t find any other Local Jeep Dealers like the pros from JK Land Jeep Dealers. Our team sells JK and JL Jeep Wranglers that are fully-outfitted, primed, and ready for any road you might face!

Meet the Owners and Co-Founders of JK Land Jeep Outfitters – Steve and Michelle Vance

Some people live their whole lives without ever getting the chance to pursue their dreams. Some people wait their whole lives on a solution that they think may never come. But sometimes, that solution comes along, and burns in the heart of the beholder like a white-hot flame. Steve and Michelle Vance had long been fans of the off-road prowess that Upfitted Jeeps had to offer. But they were always disappointed with how one-dimensional these Jeeps seemed to be. Great experience in the mountains. Terrible experience on the drive there. But when Black Mountain Conversions came along for JK and JL Jeep Wranglers, things changed. And they changed for the better! Black Mountain Conversions from Dennis Collins, long-time Jeep Outfitting Enthusiast, could now offer Jeep Enthusiasts a way to combine the off-road performance of an outfitted Jeep, with the on-road performance of a luxury SUV. Steve and Michelle knew that they wanted in, as close to the ground floor as they could possibly get. In no time, the Vance family was approved as not only fully-licensed Local Jeep Dealers, but as the only Black Mountain Jeep Conversion Dealer in the entire Southeastern U.S.

Our Team of Expert Jeep Outfitting Technicians Will Make Your Jeep Outfitting Dreams Come True!

As the only Licensed Black Mountain Conversion Outfitters in the entire Southeast, Steve and Michelle Vance have assembled the perfect team to help make their dreams into a reality. Come meet the folks behind your new Upfitted Jeep! Our technicians are so proficient at upfitting our custom Jeeps, or at customizing your JK or JL Jeep Wrangler, we’re willing to have completely transparent work environments for our custom shop technicians. At JK Land, you won’t find a bunch of smarmy salespeople or fake sales managers who have to “approve” you for price deals. When you come to JK Land Jeep Outfitters, what you WILL find is an Experienced, Customer-First Team of Jeep Outfitting Experts who care as much about Upfitting Jeeps for off-road prowess as they do helping them enhance on-road performance.

Our Team of Local Jeep Dealers Upfits Jeeps that Offer Outstanding Performance – for All the Roads Ahead

At JK Land, Our Team doesn’t just want to build Jeeps that look like they could go anywhere. We want to build Jeeps that actually CAN go anywhere, on-road or off-road. We build Jeeps that can take you anywhere, and take you there in class & style. We specialize in building fully-upfitted Stage One, Stage Two, and Stage Three Black Mountain Conversion Jeeps. We also specialize in taking your JK or JL Jeep Wrangler to the next level! Whether you want to dominate the mountainside, or own the interstate, you won’t find Local Jeep Dealers who give you the best of both worlds like you’ll find at JK Land Jeep Outfitters – Your #1 Southeastern Black Mountain Conversion Outfitters! Call or contact us today, and meet the entire JK Land Team! We want to be your favorite Local Jeep Dealers, and your go-to Jeep Outfitters!