JK Land Jeep Dealers

If you want the best upfitted Jeeps anywhere in the Southeastern United States, come see your friendly JK Land Jeep Dealers! We specialize in new & used fully upfitted JK and JL Jeeps that you won’t believe!

JK Land Jeep Dealers – Your #1 Southeastern Black Mountain Conversion Jeep Dealer, and More!

Some companies are known for offering premium goods to potential customers, or for offering outstanding services to their clients. JK Land Jeep Dealers are known for those things as well, but what really makes JK Land stick out for other Jeep Dealers and Custom Shop Upfitters is the fact that we work every day to make our company an Experience-Based Company. Besides just offering online inventory and totally upfitted Jeeps, complete with 360, VR-Ready views of completely upfitted Jeeps, JK Land offers all sorts of visualization tools to help you envision your new upfitted Jeep, or to help you visualize what your current JK or JL Jeep could look like with custom upfitting from JK Land. When you choose JK Land Jeep Dealers as your Jeep Upfitter or your Upfitted Jeep Supplier, you’re getting more than just a new vehicle to drive, you’re getting an entire experience that you’ll never forget. Call Us, Contact Us, click around for a while on this interactive website, or come on down to JK Land, your #1 Southeastern Black Mountain Jeep Conversion Dealer!

With JK Land and Black Mountain Outfitters, you can truly be equipped for any road ahead you face while traveling throughout the Southeastern United States! Come to JK Land and see our Fully-Outfitted, Fully-Customized, Road-Ready, Trail-Rated Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 Black Mountain Conversion Jeeps!

Our Team

Local Jeep Dealers and Licensed Black Mountain Conversion Outfitters Steve and Michelle Vance decided in 2018 to finally pursue their unique, combined passion for building the best upfitted JK and JL Jeeps in the entire Southeastern United States. As the only Licensed Black Mountain Conversion Outfitters in the entire Southeast, Steve and Michelle have assembled the perfect team to help make their dreams into a reality. Come meet the folks behind your new Upfitted Jeep!

The JK Land Experience

Luxury Jeep Dealers? Does that sound like an oxymoron? Well let us assure you that it’s not. If you don’t believe JK Land Jeep Dealers combines sleek and stylish luxury with rugged, off-road capabilities, you haven’t sat in one of our pre-outfitted Black Mountain Jeeps. Come experience our upfitted Jeeps in person, or get a sneaky preview with our interactive elements on this website, or at our physical location!

Who Is Black Mountain?

There are only a handful of licensed Black Mountain Conversion Dealers throughout the world. And there’s only one place in the entire Southeastern United States trusted to be Official Outfitters of Black Mountain Conversion Jeeps: JK Land Jeep Dealers! Come see our fully-upfitted Black Mountain Stage 1, 2, and 3 Jeeps, or see what Black Mountain Conversions could do for your JK or JL Jeep Wrangler!