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Stage III

Stage Three Black Mountain Jeeps

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Stage Three Black Mountain Jeeps are the biggest and baddest Black Mountain Jeep available from JK Land. If people don’t already know how big and bad your Stage Three Black Mountain Jeep is, they’ll know for sure when you drive by them. Or over them. Get yours today!

Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon – Inside and out, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is built for performance. No other stock version of Jeep Wranglers has the off-road capabilities and the interior niceties quite like the Rubicon. For Stage Three Black Mountain Jeeps, we start with a premium level of stock Jeep before we start adding our own custom flair. Check out what else comes on your Stage Three Black Mountain Jeep, completely customized by the pros at JK Land Jeep Outfitters. Our Stage Three Black Mountain Jeeps come equipped standard with all the following amenities:

5” Suspension Lift Kit – The Black Mountain 5” Lift Kit is the Biggest Suspension Lift Available

1” Body Lift – Polyurethane Mounts take the entire Body of your Jeep up a Full Inch.

Steel Fender Flares – Give your 37s a little more breathing room, and a little more flair.

Cowl Induction Hood – The Performance Styling of this vented steel hood is perfect.

Angry Grill with Seal – Messing with the Black Mountain Angry Grill is between you and your God.

8,000 lb. Winch with Roller Fairlead – Use this bad boy to pull your loser friends out of the mud or snow.

Stage III Bumper – The Stage III is the meanest looking, toughest front bumper grown on Black Mountain.

D-Ring Isolators – Leave the rattling to the Diamondbacks you come across out in the wilderness.

50” LED Light Bar – Visible from space, these 50” LED Light Bars pump out a Color Temp as bright as day.

10” LED Spot Light Bar – Anything your 50” Light Bar doesn’t catch, your 10” Spots surely will.

10” LED on Bumper – We just dare a deer to dart out in front of all this illumination.

Two 3x3” LED Flood Lights – Two more LED Flood Lights in the corner of the windshield? Sure, why not?!

Two 3x3” LED Spot Lights – The general point of all this is that your Stage Three Jeep is BRIGHT.

LED Off-Road Wiring Kit – It’s cool. We’ll hook all your 40,000 lights up for you. You’re welcome.

Rear Recovery Bumper – Definitely the coolest looking off-road bumper on the market.

Hinge Tailgate Tire Carrier – Your Tailgate and 37” Spare Tire will open as a single unit. Cast Alloy.

Gloss Black 17x9” Alloy Wheels – The perfect wheels for the perfect Jeep. Perfect!

1/2” Black Lug Nut Set – Studies have shown that using 1/2” Black Lug Nuts will help keep your wheels on.

37x12.50x17 MT Tires – Claw through mud and carve through snow with these rugged 37s from MT.

3-Tube Side Bars – Protect your undercarriage, and give yourself a leg up with these 3-Tube Side Bars.

Black Non-Locking Fuel Door – Having a Non-Locking Fuel Door might be dangerous. But not for a Jeep this mean.

Black Euro Guard Set – Despite all my rage, I’m still just a light in a cage. But I sure do look good.

Heated Leather Seats – Heated Leather Seats? In a jacked-up Jeep? Yes, please!

Grab Handle Combo Kit – Extra Grab Handles for some mid-drive gymnastics routines. Or for off-road support.

A-Pillar Switch Pod – Specific to your Jeep Year Model, these can work with the A-R-B-G Illuminated lights