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Truck Upfitting

For the absolute best Truck Upfitting experience of your life, forget all the rest. JK Land offers New and Used Outfitted Truck Sales, and Truck Upfitting for your ride!

Nobody Does Truck Upfitting and Late Model Truck Upgrades like the pros from JK Land. Contact Us!

There’s a new name in Jeep, SUV, and Truck Upfitting in the South: JK Land. We are currently the only licensed Black Mountain Jeep Outfitting dealer and distributor in the entire Southeastern United States, and we now offer the same styles of ultra-sophisticated outfitting and upfitting services for trucks. We can take your trucks from STOCK to SHOCK! You won’t believe how good your truck looks, how good it drives, and how many types of terrain you’ll be able to dominate when you get top-shelf truck upfitting from JK Land. We can make your average ride into a real head-turner in no time – flat! Ready to get your ride jacked-up? JK Land can handle that, no problem. We’ve got the best truck lift gear and lift kits you’ll find anywhere around for all your favorite truck body types, makes, models, years, cabins, beds, rear wheel types, and more! JK Land is your prime choice for Truck Upfitting and New Outfitted Truck Sales in Metro Atlanta!

Looking for a New, Upfitted Truck that’s Ready to Turn Heads and Go Anywhere? Contact JK Land!

Do you ever see a brand-new truck for sale and think “Man, if that joker had a lift kit & suspension upgrade, some bigger tires and wheels, and maybe a few things on the exterior and interior, it would be perfect!”? Well what if we told you that you could get a brand-new truck, right of JK Land’s lot, that was as perfect as you want it to be from the moment you signed on the dotted line? Would that put a little fire in your engine?! JK Land has gained a national reputation for High-End Jeep Upfitting, but that reputation has spread to include some of the most badass 4x4 Outfitting upgrades you’ve ever seen. If you want a truck that just gets you from A to B without any real fanfare, then buy a regular truck. But if you want a truck that turns heads, makes your friends jealous, and eats Smart Cars for breakfast, you want a brand-new Upfitted Truck from JK Land that’s custom-built perfectly to your specifications. Some folks like to buy a stock truck, and spend hours and hours in the front yard trying to install shaky lift kits, only to be disappointed down the road. When you choose JK Land for your Truck Upfitting and 4x4 Truck Upgrades, whether on a brand-new vehicle or on your current vehicle, you’ll never be disappointed. Contact us today, and turn those Truck Upfitting dreams into reality!

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