Professional Jeep Lift Kit Installation

If you want professional Jeep Lift Kit Installation for your JK or JL Jeep Wrangler, nobody does it quite like JK Land, the #1 Black Mountain Jeep Outfitter in the whole Southeastern United States!

No King ever puts their throne at the bottom of a Mole Hill. No way! King’s put their throne up high, way up high. Real Kings put their throne on top of the tallest mountain. With Professional Jeep Lift Kit Installation from JK Land, your top source for JK and JL Jeep Upfitting in Metro Atlanta, you’ll be the King of whatever mountain you choose to dominate. So whether you're dominating the trail, or dominating the mall, our selection of Black Mountain Leveling Kits, Suspension Lift Kits, and Body Lift Kits will help you get the clearance, look, style, and functionality you need.

JK Land Jeep Outfitters can help you get the extra height and tire clearance you need, all while helping your Jeep take its rightful place atop badass mountain. No body modification or grille removal is required for these Jeep Lift Kit Installations, but you can always go nuts and beef up your whole jeep like a bauss! If you enjoy sputtering around a grassy field, or wearing clothes your wife picked out for you, then keep rocking the stock suspension your Jeep came with. But if you want to look down on other drivers from atop your JK or JL throne, get your Professional Jeep Lift Kit Installation today from JK Land! Or better yet, check out our already pre-custom Black Mountain Conversion Jeeps!

3/4” Leveling Kit (comes standard on Stage 1 Black Mountain Jeeps)

  • Works perfectly with your factory suspension
  • Gives an off-road look and level stance
  •  Adds enough clearance for up to 33” tires

Take your stock Jeep up a notch with a Black Mountain Leveling Kit from JK Land Jeep Outfitters!

3” Suspension Lift Kit (comes standard on Stage 2 Black Mountain Jeeps)

  • Complete kit gives a more aggressive stance than ¾” Leveling Kit)
  • Great lifting height with no sagging
  • Adds enough clearance for up to 35” tires

If you’ve never seen what a 3” Suspension Lift Kit can do for your Jeep Wrangler, you need to!

5” Suspension Lift Kit (comes standard on Stage 3 Black Mountain Jeeps)

  • Black Mountain 5” lift kit
  • Gain huge tire clearance for off-roading or curb-hopping
  • Adds enough clearance for up to 37” tires

Drastically Change the look and function of your Jeep Wrangler with a 5” Suspension Lift Kit!

1” Body Lift Kit (comes standard on Stage 3 Black Mountain Jeeps)

  • Add 1 inch of height to Jeep body for a Beast look, style, and function
  • High-Quality, durable UHMW Polyurethane mounts and body lift spacers
  • Includes necessary hardware for installation on your 2-Door or 4-Door Wrangler

Complete your rise to the top with a 1” Body Lift Kit! Please Note: Will Only Fit Automatic Transmissions!