Jeep Hemi V8 Conversion in Douglasville, Georgia




JK Land is excited to announce our turnkey HEMI Jeep Conversion Kits!
Featuring genuine MOPAR performance parts as well as our own custom designs, our HEMI conversion kits have a premium factory fit and finish. We offer in-house installation as well as full, turn key solutions.



5.7L Hemi

- 375 HP
- 410 FT. LBS Torque
- 345 Cubic Inches
- Compression 10.2:1


6.4L Hemi

- 485 HP
- 475 FT LBS Torque
- 392 Cubic Inches with Iron block
- No Blower



- 710 HP
- 650 FT LBS Torque
- 376 Cubic Inches with Iron block
- 2.4L Twin-Screw Blower



- 820 HP
- 770 FT LBS Torque
- 376 Cubic Inches with Iron block
- 2.7L Twin-Screw Blower



- 1100 HP
- 950 FT LBS Torque
- 426 Cubic Inches Aluminum block
- 3.0 L Twin-Screw Blower


3.6L Pentastar V6

- 285 HP
- 260 FT LBS Torque
- 220 Cubic Inches with Aluminum block
- Comes in all 2012-2020 Jeep Wrangler

Transmission Data

JK from 2007-2011 the stock transmission must be converted to the NAG1 5SP Automatic transmission 

When using the stock transmission in the 2012-2018 JKU the NEW Mopar WK SRT 6.1L NAG1 A580 5-Speed Automatic Transmission w/ Torque Converter is used. Otherwise, the stock transmission can be adapted to a HD torque converter 

Coming soon:  2012-2018 can be ordered with the new 8SP TorqueFlight 8HP75 Automatic transmission

For any JL/JT a new 8SP TorqueFlight 8HP75 Automatic transmission, adapters and transfer case is included **non Rubicon models require the purchase of an Rubicon transfer case

Manual transmissions are supported from 2011 2018 and packages include new 6SP Manual Transmission.   **JL/JT Manual transmission support coming soon.  

Powered by SRT = Dodge’s Engineering Team

“Powered by SRT” means that the engine was specially designed by Dodge’s Street and Racing Technology (SRT) team. This team is dedicated to producing and perfecting Dodge’s line of performance models. They are responsible for the 6.4L SRT engine, the 6.2L SRT Hellcat engine and the 8.4L V10 engine on the Dodge Viper.



If you are considering a HEMI conversion for your Jeep, you have come to the right place.
We have countless Jeeps running the street, off road parks, and alike sporting a 6.4L HEMI and enjoying REAL V8 power and better gas mileage to boot. These HEMI engines don't have to work nearly as hard as a V6 to pull their weight around, not to mention towing a boat or utility trailer. We have a time tested and proven process for converting your Jeep over to this awesome platform and we would love to talk to you more about it.
We stand behind our work.   

  • Made in the USA
  • 3/36 Parts and 1 year on Labor 
  • Transfer case adapter included 
  • Factory look and feel 
  • Serviceable at Chrysler dealerships nationwide 
  • JKLand not responsible for transportation to or from our shop for repairs and warranty work  
  • Any modifications or tuning not authorized by JKLand or AMW 4x4 will void customers warranty  
  • 93 octane required  
Steve VanceCEO JKland
This finally gives a Jeep the power it deserves!


Offer world's best Hemi program
to your customers!

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